CPSC Surgery Safety Sub-Team

The CPSC Surgery Safety Sub-Team consists of Directors of Surgery, Surgical Services Managers, OR Department Managers, OR Project Managers, OR Nurse Managers, Charge Nurses, Directors of Operation, and Compliance Specialists. Some initiatives may require collaboration with other CPSC Sub-Teams and/or health care professionals. The CPSC Care Transition Sub-Team initiatives are:

• Developed Consent form at a lower reading level (5th grade) and encouraged all member facilities to utilize
• Encouraged adoption of standardized protocol for physicians to mark the surgical site
• Standardize and incorporate required elements of the WHO surgical checklist
• Standardize and require physician lead “time-out”
• Adopt weight-based antibiotic protocol to ensure SCIP measures
• Adopt antibiotic re-dosing when patient’s surgical procedure exceeds 4 hours duration
• Develop protocol for peri-operative body bath/wipe of surgical patients
• Develop process to meet post anesthesia assessment of patient within 48 hours
• Research MRSA screening as a standard of care for all implants and include the use of the beta dine swab in conjunction with the CHG body baths the day of surgical implant procedure

• Adopt a protocol for MRSA Screening for colon surgeries
• Review and comparison of SCIP Scores to determine quality improvement opportunities
• Recommend adoption of a bundled care plan for colon surgeries