CPSC Security Sub-Team

The CPSC Security Sub-Team consists of the Directors of Security, Corporate Safety and Security Managers, Directors of Environmental Services and Security, Security Enforcement Supervisor, Director of Plant Operations and EMS Trauma Outreach Coordinators. Some initiatives may require collaboration with other CPSC Sub-Teams and/or health care professionals. The CPSC Security Sub-Team shares information about safety policies and protocols in order to enhance patient safety and security in Hospitals. Discussion and documents shared are:

• Policy on Security Staff carrying guns
• Policy on Using Tazers
• Contracted Security Staff vs. Employed Security Staff
• Reporting of Events
• Hospital Staff Education on Security
• Policy regarding dispensing of narcotics in the Emergency Department
• HIPPA issues regarding sharing “problem” patient information with other hospitals
• Active Shooter Training
• Security Risk Assessments
• Protocol for Psychiatric Unit and Transfer of Psychiatric Patients
• Staff Training
• Visitor Restrictions – Requiring a Picture ID for all vendors and visitors
• Use of cameras inside and outside hospital
• Collaboration with Indiana Hospital Association and other State Agencies for state wide adoption of Plain Language Alert Codes