CPSC Medication Safety Sub-Team

The CPSC Medication Safety Sub-Team consists of Directors of Pharmacy, Lead Pharmacists, Pharmacy Distribution Supervisors, , Independent Pharmacists, Medication Pharmacy Safety Coordinators and Nursing Education Coordinators. Some initiatives may require collaboration with other CPSC Sub-Teams and/or health care professionals. The CPSC Medication Safety Sub-Team initiatives are:

• Improving medication reconciliation during transition of care NOTE: This was in collaboration with the CPSC Care Transition Sub-Team
• Standardizing critical care infusion IV concentrations between facilities
• Medication access for patients in the CPSC tri-state area
• Merge efforts to develop a mass transfusion protocol for trauma patients
• Develop Policy for dispensing and storing of U500 Concentration Insulin
• Reinforcement for use of standardized medication abbreviations
• Develop education regarding use of Fentanyl Patches
• Completed and comparison of Hypoglycemic Agent Adverse Drug Event Gap Analysis Document for opportunities of improvement
• Researched the Use of Insulin Pens