The Community Patient Safety Coalition of Southwestern Indiana/Kentucky, Inc. (CPSC) was started “informally” by a group of tri-state area hospitals in 2003 based on The Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goals.

The goal of the coalition was to implement consistency in documentation and processes throughout coalition facilities to maximize patient safety.

Representatives from member hospitals came together to share information, determine improvement opportunities and to establish best practices. Meetings were held monthly and sometimes more often depending on the work project. We started with surgical site marking and verification. This was a very successful project based on the standards at that time. Then we went further to work on projects including unapproved abbreviations, patient identifiers, hand-off communication and medication reconciliation. There were occasionally sub-teams that worked outside of the actual coalition group meetings when there were additional tasks to complete.

Over time, the coalition waned and we were challenged in 2009 to restructure and rejuvenate. We started by working with the Indianapolis Patient Safety Coalition and the Indiana Patient Safety Center.

An Executive Director was hired in September 2010 to devote a concerted focus to the goals of this coalition. We made great strides and became a 501c3 organization in May, 2013. In 2014, we plan to hire an Administrative Assistant and establish an office to provide a physical presence in the community and enhance our patient safety endeavors.